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2018 Q3 WealthStone Outlook – A Recap

2018 Q3 WealthStone Outlook – A Recap

We are able to block out short-term noise, allow markets to work for us, and share insights with clients that help them perceive events through a historical lens and set reasonable expectations in both periods of under-performance and out-performance. We believe that this approach is the optimal way to help you grow and enjoy your wealth as we walk through life together.

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You Are More

You Are More

Your story, what has happened to you and what you have done, is unique and important. But it is not the same as your identity or who you are. As a company, our identity is much deeper than what we have accomplished or can accomplish. Identity goes to the core of what makes you who you are, to the values that define you. And if we utilize Blake’s wisdom, we should strive to have gratefulness at our core and seek to serve others. It is there that we will find true value.

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WealthStone 101 – Insurance Planning

There are many forms of insurance and, unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all policy. Life insurance is a virtual necessity if you have a spouse and children, but perhaps less important for a single person. Disability insurance, which provides an income stream if you are unable to work, is important for everyone.

College Savings – Where do I start?

Bringing home a new baby is an exciting time in life. Terrifying but exciting, as life gets flipped upside down. Date nights are traded (for a time at least) for precious minutes of sleep. Suddenly...

WealthStone 101: Savings and Investment Planning

Having an emergency fund is often the first step in savings. You then can follow that up with directed savings for the things that are important to you. If it is important to pay for your child’s education, it makes sense to save for that. If family vacations are important, save for that. For the goals that are longer term in nature, investing in the market with a targeted risk budget could improve chances of reaching your goals. There are no hard and fast rules that guarantee success, only steps to increase the probability of you reaching your goals.

WealthStone 101 – Tax Planning

The tax code is constantly changing and evolving. While the tax code changes at the end of 2017 were highly publicized, many people don’t realize that the tax code changes every single year… The most basic Tax Planning could involve gifting strategies, making sure that the appropriate withholdings are selected, and ensuring that all appropriate deductions are selected and reported. As net worth and complexity increases, Tax Planning begins to affect other areas of a person’s financial life like debt strategy, insurance planning and estate planning. The consequences of a misstep in planning can mean serious financial pain.

WealthStone 101: Building Blocks

The simple formula is People at Work + Money at Work = Gross Income. From this key element, decisions begin to flow. Charitable Giving can be done from the income received. Tax Planning, Cash Flow Management, Savings and Investment Planning, Asset Protection/Insurance and Estate Planning decisions are all heavily influenced by your income; if you don’t have a complete understanding of the people at work and money at work, it is less likely that you will be making the most-informed decisions in your best interest.

Women 4 Women – A New WealthStone Initiative

The statistics speak for themselves. At some point in their lives, 90% of women will be solely responsible for finances1, and nearly half of women – 44% – are the primary breadwinners in their...