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We believe that insurance service means helping you to identify needs and finding solutions that make sense for you.

At WealthStone, insurance is one piece of your overall financial picture. Instead, we are focused on you, your needs, and finding solutions that make the most sense for you.

Imagine having a true consultative relationship around your insurance assets. Because of our expertise with a wide range of risk transfer products, we can analyze, design, and customize plans utilizing basic term life insurance to very complex insurance contracts. Over more than 30 years, we have built a business that oversees more than 800 million dollars in life insurance benefits.


Most affluent people already own one or more insurance policies. Many don’t understand what they have and can’t remember the purpose for which they purchased it years ago. Many are over-insured, under-insured or own the wrong type of policy for the need they’re trying to fill.

Over the years policy construction has evolved dramatically and, just as with advancements in technology, the price of the products themselves has decreased significantly. Our team members continually strive to be informed about the ever-changing insurance environment.


Because insurance purchases have traditionally been transactional, many own policies that have sat dormant for years. Contrary to popular belief, insurance is not a static asset. It requires the same kind of ongoing monitoring, diversification and analysis as your investment assets. Even if you pay your premiums on time every year, policy performance can shift simply due to changes in the economy, the financial markets or the insurance companies that manufacture the products. Policies that are more than five years old may harbor either problems or untapped opportunities like a life-settlement suggesting the need for an objective review.


Just like every other element of your affairs, insurance doesn’t operate in isolation. It is inherently linked to your investment, estate, legal and tax situation. We carefully integrate your insurance assets into your overall picture. We ensure it is purchased, owned and structured in a manner that enhances and doesn’t hinder your overall wealth vision.

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