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We take a long-term view in a short-sighted world.

The WealthStone investment philosophy is focused on basic principles that we want our clients to understand. Unlike others, we don’t overwhelm clients with 100 pages of footnotes, industry jargon and complex derivatives that no one understands, least of all the advisor. Rather, we choose to focus on what gets results. We are a boutique investment advisory firm that provides professionally-managed investment solutions for individuals, family offices, foundations, and endowments.

a Clear investment philosophy

We believe in

  • Market Efficiency: markets are efficient and reward long-term investors
  • Diversification: global diversification enhancing portfolio design
  • Multi-Factors as Drivers of Return: structuring portfolios with factor return premium “tilts”
  • Rules-Based Index Funds: emphasizing investments with rules-based index fund managers
  • Control What You Can Control: portfolio fees and tax impact
  • Discipline and Patience: being disciplined, and letting the markets work for us


We have been managing our client’s money since 1984. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are an independent, fee-only discretionary advisor who takes full responsibility for our client’s portfolios. We make our decisions through an investment committee structure, using a disciplined team approach. While we utilize investment research partners like Dimensional Fund Advisors, LPL Financial, MorningStar, and Vanguard, we are constantly evaluating additional market research for the best ideas. Our investment clients have 100% daily access to all managed assets and we measure our performance against institutional benchmarks for clear accountability.

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