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We treat tax planning as an ongoing process throughout the year.

Believe it or not, we find passion in tax planning and the preparation of your business and personal tax returns. Rather than a once-a-year project, we treat tax planning as an ongoing process throughout the year. Because we’re involved in the ongoing management of your affairs in many areas, we can provide tax compliance analysis of, and input to, proposed plans based on up-to-the-minute, thorough data.

No longer is the onus on you to remember what might be important information for your accountant to know and what tax-related documents to provide your accountant.


The tax changes at the end of 2017 were highly publicized but many people don’t realize that the tax code changes every single year. Sometimes the adjustments to the tax code are so subtle that they only affect particular taxpayers. Smart people with good intentions rely on the news or their tax preparer to bring relevant changes to their attention and advise if an action should be taken.

However, the typical tax preparation engagement does not provide this service.

With our team, you get a proactive, intentional, and professional relationship that’s expressly designed to address tax planning and forecasting, making it possible for you to take advantage of every opportunity for savings.

Control what you can control

Even though the income tax liability is one of the most significant expenses people face each year, most don’t think of it as an item in their spending plan, but it is exactly that. Like many large expenses, we all prefer to pay the least amount, and this is possible with taxes with our team who have a holistic view of tax compliance as a part of the total planning picture.


While the traditional focus of tax work is to look back in time to the previous year, we look forward to identify opportunities within the tax code. Frequently we can identify ways to significantly reduce your tax liability. After-tax income is the key driver of personal net worth. The more you have to work with, the faster your personal net worth can grow.

Contrary to common paradigms, tax compliance is not a stand-alone discipline. Tax compliance reaches into every part of your financial plan, investment portfolio, cash flow and estate planning. The only way to fully optimize your tax savings opportunities is to address all of these interacting factors on an integrated basis.

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